SQL Server Database Design

Make life simpler!

Are you typing the same information over and over, bogged down trying to sift thru complex spreadsheets, compiling monthly reports using multiple programs? We can help!

Managing your accounts from invoicing to reporting, DSM Designs and Consulting, Inc. can make your life (and your employees' lives) easier and your business productivity more efficient and cost effective. We specialize in building programs based on your business needs.

Our customized database applications are built using the latest technology – MSSQL2005, MSSQL2000, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.net, Microsoft Access and SQL. From simple to highly customized processes including inventory control, accounting, employee management, automating processes and Web site integration, DSM Designs and Consulting, Inc. specializes in designing and building custom database applications.

Examples of our work in this area include database applications for Ad-VANCE Screening to conduct employee background checks and pre-employment screenings - also the database is integrated with their Web site; ADT (Security Link) to manage financial reporting for the Collections and Cash Receipts departments; and Berco Products to handle inventory control for their company.

So Contact Us for your database needs and simplify your life.

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