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You've got a web site, it's got a great design, so where's the traffic, why aren't people coming to your site? The crucial next step to getting noticed on the internet is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. DSM Designs can make your Web site more search engine and user friendly using proven SEO, marketing and placement techniques that will help drive traffic and visitors to your site.

Some companies will provide you with the "flash" and "pizazz" to make your site look good but don't take into account the search engines. Features such as building your site completely in Flash will make it so the search engines cannot read or even see your site. DSM doesn't do that. We build your site with the base to make it so it is not only pleasing to the eye but easy to use and fully functional for not only the end user but the search engines as well.

Our knowledge and expertise provides the tools to ensure that the leading search engines can most effectively "crawl" through your Web site and list your site under relevant search terms and phrases. Based on your Web site's content, we provide suggestions for key words and phrases and then optimize their placement to ensure maximum search engine friendliness. In addition, we can also provide the following services based on your specific needs:

  • Create and submit a Google site map for your site
  • Submission to major search engines and business directories
  • Submission to smaller search engines and directories that target your specific audience

Please realize that search engine optimization features may take six months up to a full year to realize their potential. Also remember that the more keyword competition you have, the harder it will be to climb search engine rankings. But good things come with time. Another key factor to keep in mind is the more frequently your Web site content changes, the more enticing your site will be to both search engines and visitors.

Whether DSM Design designed and developed your site or not, we can improve your online presence. So contact us and stay a step ahead of your competition. Optimize your site today!

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